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Offer No Contact Teeth Whitening At Your Existing Location

Start A teeth whitening business

The best wholesale teeth Whitening Products

Best Professional Teeth Whitening Kits Wholesale
Professional Whitening Kits
  • 1 - Prefilled Mouth Tray 

  • 2 - Vitamin E Swabs

  • 1 - Self Adhesive Bib

  • 2 - Brush-ups

  • Carbamide/Hydrogen Peroxide Hybrid Suspension Formula

Best Wholesale Teeth Whitening Pens
Whitening Gel Pens
  • 2ml of Whitening Gel

  • Carbamide/Hydrogen Peroxide

  • Lasts 30-45 days

Best Wholesale Home Teeth Whitening Kits
Wireless At Home Kits
  • 32 LED Wireless Mouthpiece

  • 3 - 2ml of Whitening Gel

  • Hybrid Peroxide Formula

  • Lasts up to 60 days

  • Great upsell or stand-alone product

Online Teeth Whitening Training & Certification

Professional Teeth Whitening Business Training Course & Certification

We offer an extensive online training of the teeth whitening process as well as best practices of how to run a successful teeth whitening business. Training is available for your entire staff to go through and work at their own pace.

Our Teeth Whitening Courses go though the step by step mechanics of the process as well as classes on the best practices for incorporating teeth whitening into your business whether that be a salon, spa, office, studio, barbershop, gym, wellness center or even mobile.

Once everyone has completed the training your staff will be certified teeth whitening technicians and you will receive a certificate to display in your establishment as teeth whitening specialists.

Learn how to run a successful teeth whitening business

Professional Teeth Whitening Starter Kit

Renew-U Whitening Starter Kit

  • 1 - Cool Blue LED Accelerator Light (Lifetime Warranty)

  • 1 - Shade Guide

  • 2 - UV Shades

  • 25 - Prefilled Whitening Kits

  • 25 - Whitening Pens 

  • 4 - Marketing Posters

  • 100 - Marketing Brochures

  • Digital Marketing Assets

  • Extensive Online Training

  • Staff Certification & Support

R 27 Teeth Whitening Shade Guide

Shade Guide

Professional portrait shade guide with mirror case for comparing teeth shades before and after whitening.​ Because the most important part of any whitening is the results.

Teeth Whitening Business Materials

Marketing Materials & Support

  • Posters to advertise your service​

  • Flyers to educate your clients

  • Email templates for targeting existing clientele.

  • Ongoing digital marketing content and support provided so you can hit the ground running and continue to grow your business.

See it for yourself
Guaranteed Teeth Whitening Results
Guaranteed Teeth Whitening Results
Guaranteed Teeth Whitening Results
How Much does a teeth whitening business make? 

Teeth whitening is the #1 requested cosmetic procedure.

Requiring little to no overhead it's easy to see why it's the best addition to your existing line of services or a stand alone mobile solution. Have a look, the numbers don't lie. 

Teeth Whitening Revenue Potential
ADA & FDA Approved
Salon / Spa 30 Minute Teeth Whitening Treatment

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